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Please read these instructions before your adventure

Game rooms


All of our rooms are about 2,8 x 2,8 meters. While you are inside of the games, you can walk around in a simulated environment. You can walk around, dodge bullets or explore your surroundings by approaching things.



The limits of the real world


While you are inside of the game, you cannot see the dull outside world – that's quite weird, isn't it? But how are you able to see the real worlds walls, so that you won't bump right into them? Well, if you are close to the wall, a ''chaperone'' wall will appear. It warns you when you are too close to the edge of the game area.



The controllers


The controllers will serve as your hands while you are inside the game. You will notice that your hands will look different in the different virtual realities. You can grab or throw things around with your controllers . But please do not throw the controllers around. :-) Attach the controllers to your wrists by using the straps on the controllers.



The buttons on the controllers


In the picture on the right side are presented the buttons on the controllers. In most of the games most of the buttons have the same function:


Button number 7 is the firing button and the selection button. Number 2 is the trackpad. By pressing the upper part of the trackpad you can teleport in most of the games. Teleporting mean moving from one place to another inside the game. So by pressing down the trackpad you can jump forward.


Button number 8 is positioned on the each side of the controller. You can use the button to grab objects. For example: you can reach things from your back by reaching over your shoulder and pressing button number 8. Depending on the game, this allows you to grab your shield, weapons or a pickaxe.



When you arrive


1. Please arrive 15 minutes before your reservation is due and register in at our service desk.


2. Get acquainted with our game selection and the game instructions by reading our website, looking at the information screens inside or outside our park or by asking from the staff.


3. Please pay your reservation before entering the game room/rooms reserved for you.


Do not hesitate to ask from our staff if you have any questions!


When you step inside the game room


1. Grab the controllers and switch them on by pressing button number 3 on each of the controllers.


2. Place the controllers on the floor.


3. Take the goggles in your hand.


4. Place the headset around your arm.


5. Pull the goggles over your head and tighten them up.


6. Put the headphones on.


7. Pick up the controllers from the floor.


Don't worry, our staff will help you to get started!


If you feel dizzy at any point: Take off the headphones and the goggles and calmly place them on the floor.



Game room


The chaperone

HTC Vive controllers





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